Trophy of the Month

A little bit of heritage.


You might be interested to know a little bit more about the cups and trophies we battle every year to win as a sign of our dedication to the game. Next month we will talk a little bit about the Geursen Jarvis Cup - A prize won by the club member who achieves the most club points in the year.



Grand Slams

These players managed to bid and make a Grand Slam last month.

This is our way of promoting good Bridge and partnership playing skills.

Congratulations to:

Henrietta Annabell - Jen Green

Teresa Phillips - Gary Logan

Arie Geursen - Roni Bistricer

Lynne Geursen - Andrew Janisz

These pairs obtained these results in April. In March:

Tricia Logan and Judy Collins.

We need to pick up our efforts since there have been no Grand Slams since then!


Seventy Percenters

The highest percentage obtained by a partnership this year was 77.3%.  This great score was obtained in the Howes Championship by:



Lynne Geursen - Arie Geursen




Beginners achievements

Players with less experience making the news!


This is for players who have started in the past 2 years.


Our way of saying "keep up the good work" - Congratulations to Will Fulton for achieving the best Junior grade result (12th overall) on our Individual Tournament.


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